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Ye Old Genuine Pirate Treasure Map.

The following notation is to be read in conjunction with the map discovered recently. We have deciphered Blackbeard's Map with the instructions. This map was discovered amongst the unburned rubble found at a home which was burned to the ground in March 1958. The home belonged to Susan Teak who is reputed to be a distant descendant of Edward Teak, better known as Blackbeard. Sure it may be worthless, but it could provide your treasure at the foot of your rainbow.  To find out you need to pay $75.00 to purchase this map, then you can begin your real treasure hunt for Golden Doubloons, pieces of eight, emeralds and gold.

All guests who enter this program and pay their $75 will receive an official sealed envelope to be handed to their captain at 5PM on the day they arrive at liberty island lagoon with final instructions.

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Off Dove Island from a street town named desire you need to make your way by sea, passed a K, with a common bible mans name, to the Pelican Redskin, sail north of this, where you are confronted with a notorious fisherman.  Keep your eyes open for a liberty lagoon where many turtles play. This lagoon is situated 508 paces from the Western Point on the Northern side of the notorious fisherman's Liberty Cay. There are no coconut palms, there is no white beach, but Captain Bonnet (Pirate extroadinare) considered this the best anchorage in the Caribbean, for his resting buccaneers. You need to remain at this Bay overnight. Anchor 73 paces from the North, NE point of this bay,  28 paces from the shore line. Be sure to have the end of your craft as close to 28 paces of the shore line as possible. 

Face West my man, face west!   To bury the treasure the original craft was tied to the shore from the stern to a tree 8 paces off the water line.  Face West my man Face West!  A female apparition will appear, when day changes to night, at twilight (5pm-7pm) during happy hour.  Face West Young man.  As you watch the sun disappear behind the islands on the horizon you will be rewarded.  There is only one place to find this gift so it is wise to be exact with all calculations.  The apparition will mark the spot with an X. It is marked as a pelican, a breast some true some false, but this will give you final rest.   Your captain does not know, your crew do not know, for it is you who have found King Solomon's Treasure. King Solomon's Mines was looted, buried, stolen, or intercepted by pirates and lost to man forever.

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