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- Sailing Yacht Prima Donna CREW PROFILE -

Captain Harry & Chef Gaby

      Harry and Gaby found me in the harbor at Majorca. They called me the "First Lady", and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

      Harry, my new master, began his sailing yachts career at age eighteen. He served in the German Navy as First Aid Officer and afterwards had a successful business as a sports physiotherapist. Harry is an accomplished sportsman and has excelled in skiing and mountain climbing. He's an enthusiastic fellow who delights in taking my guests ashore for a long afternoon of sightseeing. Well, the three of us spent the next six months in Majorca getting to know each other.  Harry and Gaby painted my hull a brisk nautical blue. They refinished my lovely teak decks and refurbished below with a homey, continental flair. Did I tell you Harry and Gaby come from Bavaria, near the storybook town Oberammergau and the schloss Neuschwanstein?  Between them they speak German (with that ever so charming bavois accent), as well as English, French, and Italian. And Gaby is such a dear. She earned her stripes as a cook, a banquet manager and a travel agent. She whips-up the most amazing old world and international fare. Sometimes the aromas wafting from my galley make me wild with hunger! She uses only the freshest and finest ingredients and everything is done á points. See the reverse side of this billet doux for some of our divine menu offerings, or name your own favorite. Gaby is always happy to prepare a special meal or cook-up your 'catch of the day.'

      There's lots of things to do besides sailing and dining. You can snorkel, or water ski and we have a water tube and something called a skibob, for the young and the young at heart. Harry, Gaby, and myself love having responsible children on board.

      Well, after I had been brought to my prime, we paddled around the Med. for a few years. But I am a Nautical, and a 62 at that, and I grew homesick for the Islands Under the Wind. So we bid adieu to the rock pool and sailed for the Indies. And here we have been for the last eight years, in Trinidad, in Grenada and St. Lucia and, now, moored in that most convenient and beautiful of harbors, Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas. For an exhilarating, yet relaxing vacation, you'll find no finer choice than a week or more with us."

Text by: Caribbean sailing yacht Primadonna 

- Prima Donna CREW PROFILE -

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