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Corporate Rewards and
Tandem Yacht Charters for larger groups

Miss this vacation and weep!

Tandem Charters & Corporate Yacht Charters.

Groups of 12-24

Normally for two families or mid-sized corporate groups.  Tandem charters are perfect for groups of 12-24. 50ft Catamarans are designed for 8 guests:  4 equal cabins with queen sized beds, all are en-suite with private toilets, showers and wash hand basins to each a/c cabin.  2 or 3  catamarans can do a tandem charter,  all with equal cabins. Tandem charters are considered the most fun for everyone which, includes the captain and crew. They all look forward to a flotilla charter because it offers the guests so many more options.

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Tandem Charters & Corporate Reward Programs
Groups of 20-30
50ft Catamarans are designed for 8 guests: 4 equal cabins with queen sized beds, all are en-suite with private toilets, showers and wash hand basins to each a/c cabin. 4 Catamarans can do a flotilla charter for 32 guests.  Flotilla's are considered more fun for everyone which, includes the captain and crew.

They all look forward to a flotilla charter.  It offers the guests so many more options. The women folk can enjoy one vessel for one morning sail, while all the men have fun on the other two. 
The men race each other to the next anchorage,  while the ladies leisurely make their way to the lunch-time anchorage.

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Flotilla Yacht Charters & Corporate Reward Programs
Groups of 40-100

These groups are simply larger groups than the others featured above. These larger groups would come under the direct control of one of our Barrington-Hall Staff. 

For more detailed information, or a custom made corporate incentive yacht charter contact us.   At lunch the vessels all anchor individually then draw themselves together & raft up so that everyone can walk from vessel to vessel.  See picture. Here is the wave of the future for private group and incentive vacations.  Quality 50ft catamarans range from $12,500-$15,000 for one full week all-inclusive.

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Catamaran Yacht Charters

Why a catamaran charter?

Complete Catamaran Comfort,
                                             and double the Space, is only the beginning to the extra perks this wonderful stable beauty brings to our vacation. The modern luxury catamaran enjoys 5% more gorgeous blue lagoon hideaways than all other craft. Note the Hideaway blue lagoon in this picture and see where all the sailboats are forced to watch from. 
It is the shallow draft of the new catamaran which allows them to enter many shallow hideaway lagoons.  This is an enormous advantage for our guests, it provides more quality lagoons to have fun in.  Insurance companies love to insure this modern beauty because it simply can not sink!  It is constructed of foam which can break-up,  foam floats. The catamaran is the most stable craft designed by man.   This stability and all the other options is what has attracted the family man to become excited about this new sailing vacation.   Many folk do not like sailing and that is directly related to the strange angle sailboats lean and the motion they share with everyone onboard.

The modern catamaran has changed that and the vacation public like what they find, this is what appeals to groups. To all the sailors who do not wish to loose their identity, these points are meant most respectfully, these points are an effort to share basic facts with folk who wish to experience a new sailing craft, but do not wish to sail a sailboat.  Here is an effort to share quality catamaran details with the vacation public and at the same time not offend the seasoned sailor.  After all they fall under a different sailing category.

Caribbean Power Yachts
Caribbean Power Yachts
Caribbean Sail Yachts
Caribbean Sail Yachts
Caribbean Catamarans
It is a far cry from the old days of pirates and buried treasure but there is still something there that recaptures the history of these beautiful friendly islands.  The moment you arrive you feel more than the warmth of the sun, your senses are immediately aware of the sights, sounds and smells that only the Caribbean has.  You will be surrounded by smiling happy faces and somewhere there will be the ever present sound of the Caribbean "steel band"....
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