Luxury Rent Power Boat Charters by Charter Motor Boat La Bella 2    

Welcome aboard one of the worlds fastest and most elegant Jet motor boats - La Bella 2.  With Speeds up to 50 Knots, where most luxury power yachts do 10-20 knots maximum.  No propellers under this gorgeous super yacht, just jet propulsion.  This means you can put the nose of La Bella right onto the beach in many places. Few guests get to experience this kind of private cruise vacation.   Designed for 8 guests she is super inside with plasma screen TV  the modern decoration is complete with plush furnishings, which are covered in high-end fabric. 

Luxury Yacht Charters onboard La Bella 2

Interior - [Click on Image to Enlarge] 
La Bella 2's sleek exterior profile does not rob any of her interior volume.  Separate areas, both indoor and outdoor, accommodate a variety of tastes and activities simultaneously.


Cuisine - [Click on Image to Enlarge] 
La Bella 2 sets the standard for an experience that appeals to all of your senses. Enjoy outdoor fun, exceptional five-star cuisine, and the ultimate in first-class services from a crew of professionals that cater to your every need.


- [Click on Image to Enlarge] 
La Bella's modern decor, filled with plush furnishings covered in quality fabrics, pampers guests in comfortable elegance.  An individual entertainment system in the master features plasma screen technology.


Meet the Crew - click here

"La Bella 2" encompasses the finest performance, comfort and facilities.  This Super yacht offers ultimate enjoyment for its exclusive guests.  The ample deck areas offer a world of possibilities for relaxing, sunbathing and fine dining, each area offering its own unique sea view. With dining facilities on the sun deck, aft deck and saloon for more formal occasions, the hospitality offered on board is unequalled.  Surround sound is provided by the latest Bose technology to complement your DVD, Video or Satellite plasma TV viewing, with full library of the latest and classic films and concerts available to you. Welcome aboard!


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Labella 2 Boat Charters & Rentals.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
For Bookings call: 1-800-478-2029 or US (954) 720-0475
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Labella 2 Boat Charters & Rentals

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